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These are a collection of sketches, written by me or by friends for use in a variety of different church occasions (services, socials, Alpha courses, etc). Please feel free to use them as you wish. Some may need adapting or updating as they contain jokes specific to a certain congregation/time. I hope you will find them useful and entertaining!

If you have any questions, or comments (especially if you have used any of the sketches), then please email me on


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TitleCategoryTopicStyleBookCh Word 2007Word 2003PDF
Top Of The PopsOT Events10 commandmentsTop 10 hit paradeExodus20
Parable of the Wise and Foolish Students, TheParable10 virginsStudents prepare for examsMatthew25
Duvet DayParable2 sonsnarr + 3 actorsMatthew21
3G GodChristian Lifestyle3 Stages as a ChristianFrost Report1 John2
Wise Guys, TheNT Events3 wise menWise man tells wife of starMatthew2
MagiChristmas3 wise men2 narrators + castMatthew2
MealtimeFor ChurchA Family Mealtime4 actorsActs2
When Harry Met SallyFor ChurchAcceptanceNarrator + Harry & Sally
In Crowd, TheChristian LifestyleAccepting othersTeenage girls & newcomer
Pigs Can't FlyNT EventsAftermath of a miracle3 actorsMatthew8
Home TruthsFor churchAmos 2 & 32 narrators + castAmos2 & 3
Bad NeigboursOT eventsAmos Ch12 narrators + castAmos1 & 2
Yours TrulyChristian LifestyleAn honest lifeMatthew7
No WorriesChristian LifestyleAnxietyHusband & wife worryMatthew6
Up, Up And AwayNT EventsAscension DayDad firing rocketActs1
I want no moreFor ChurchAttitude to church2 actors + vicarMalachi1
Mark My WordsPaul and MarkBarnabas encourages3 actorsActs13,15
Fell Walker's Survival GuidePrayer & Bible ReadingBible as lamp & map3 hikersPsalms119
You've Got MailPrayer & Bible ReadingBible as letter2 narrators
No RoomNT EventsBirth of JesusTV news reports
Will And GraceMiracleBlind man curedDramaMark8
Jerry In The MireOT EventsCall of JeremiahModern parallel in schoolJeremiah1
Size MattersFor ChurchCentrality of Christ3 people interviewedColossians1
God To OrderOutreachChoosing own godCustomer & waiter
Christmas List, TheFor ChurchChrist = ChristmasPoem
Focus Spiritual Health Check, TheFor ChurchChristian commitmentLike magazine questionnaire
Alpha Course, TheOutreachChristian hang upsAlpha group becoms chaotic
What A HopeHard QuestionsChristian hope is certain2 watch World Cup final
What Would Jesus Do?Christian LifestyleChristian livingScenarios to challenge
Christmas WrappingFor ChurchChristmasPoem
Church Ah Ha, TheFor ChurchChurch as Christ's brideAlan Partridge style interviewEphesians5
Getting the full pictureFor churchChurch attendance2 friends
United We StandFor ChurchChurch unityPoem
Don't Look BackJesus teachingCost of discipleship2 actorsLuke9
Committee, TheNT EventsCouncil at JerusalemCommitteee meetingActs15
Daniel The SpanielOT EventsDanielEnacted poemDaniel
Sudden Death Shoot OutOT EventsDavid & GoliathLike football match1 Samuel17
You are that manOT eventDavid & Nathan2 narrators + actors2 samuel12
A Mad IdeaOT eventDavid feigns madness2 narrators + actors1 Samuel20&21
Asteroid TimeHard QuestionsDay of judgement2 stargazersMatthew24
Deeply IndebtedChristian LifestyleDebtLoan shark cancels debtDeuteronomy15
Joy of Fatherhood, TheFathers DayDemands of being a dadNarrator + cast
Divided We FallFor ChurchDenominationalismPoem
Food For ThoughtNT EventsDisciples MisunderstandActorsJohn4
Peacemaking Paul's WayFor churchDispute between Euodia and SyntycheNarrator + castPhilipians4
Time For GodPrayer & Bible ReadingDistractions when prayMonologue + daydreamsPhilippians4
Big BrotherOutreachDoes God exist?Parody of 'Big Brother'
Without ReservationOutreachDon't earn forgivenessGuest at 'Hotel Heaven'Matthew7
House Doctor, TheOutreachDon't reject JesusDIY enthusiast rejects helpJohn3
Election Night SpecialOutreachElection not earnedTV General election results
Message receivedOT eventEli and Samuel4 actors1 Samuel3
Like father like sonFor churchEnacted PsalmEnacted poemPsalm127
King And I, TheOutreachEntry to heavenTheatre box-office
Esther The Beauty QueenOT EventsEstherEnacted poemEsther
Human Race, TheHard QuestionsEvolutionMan & woman at zoo
Present PerfectOutreachFamily planning Christmas presents
SuperdadFor ChurchFather exasperates kidsFamily with 2 childrenEphesians6
Birthday Present, TheParableFather gives good giftsFather giving 'bad' giftsMatthew7
Ready Steady CookMiracleFeeding of 5000Parody of TV programmeJohn6
Pearls Before SwineParableFeeding pearls to pigs2 narrators + chorusMatthew7
Brexit Means BrexitOT lawFood lawsYes Prime MinisterLeviticus11
Price Of Failure, TheHard QuestionsForgivenessFather not forgiving sonJohn21
Puppet Master King, TheOutreachFreedomSong a la 'Puppet on string'
Gardener's Question TimeChristian LifestyleFruits of the SpiritActorsGalatians5
Measure For MeasureFor ChurchGive & you will receiveKing and beggarLuke6
Good Deal, AOutreachGive up old wayCar dealer & customerMatthew19
Royal Family, TheFor ChurchGivingParody of 'Royle Family'2 Corinthians9
Do As You Would Be Done ByChristian LifestyleGiving to othersTeenage girls lendingLuke6
Know Your EnemyParableGood SamaritanMugging on undergroundLuke10
Citizen JenOutreachGospel is for allJen Tile at passport controlEphesians2
Party, TheParableGreat banquetSociety hostess plans partyLuke14
True To FormNT eventsHealing of crippled woman2 actorsLuke13
The View aheadJesus' prayerHeaven awaits3 actorsJohn17
Jerusalem ReportNT EventsHoly weekAs TV news report
Finding The Way 2I am statementsI am the WayHusband & wife lostJohn14
Finding The WayI am statementsI am the WayHusband & wife lostJohn14
Primitive ThinkingOutreachIdol worshipOld idols in British Museum
French DisconnectionChristian LifestyleIn not of the worldEnglish couple in french cafeJohn17
Alpha Can You Go?OutreachIntro to Alpha course2 friends discuss
Your FuneralEvangelisticJairus daughterUndertakers and solicitorMark5
Would You Adam & Eve It?OutreachJesus as saviourPowercut, Electrician calledJohn3
Doctor, DoctorParableJesus came for sickDoctor's surgeryLuke5
Meet ClaudiaOutreachJesus died for usBecause you're worth it' adPhilippians2
Waiting For God - Oh!OutreachJesus not recognisedCar broken down - await AAJohn1
You Don't Bring Me FlowersNT EventsJesus reinstates PeterHusband after affairJohn18
Truly, Madly, DeeplyNT EventsJesus reinstates PeterGirl asks 'Do you love me?'John21
999OutreachJesus superheroNarrator + superheroesMatthew1
Do You Know The Way?OutreachJesus the only wayDrama, 2 narratorsJohn14
In The Eye Of The StormMiracleJesus walks on waterRoman news report
Fishers, The 1NT EventsJesus' early ministryTeenagers follow (6 parts)
Fishers, The 6NT EventsJesus' early ministryTeenagers follow (6 parts)
Fishers, The 5NT EventsJesus' early ministryTeenagers follow (6 parts)
Fishers, The 4NT EventsJesus' early ministryTeenagers follow (6 parts)
Fishers, The 2NT EventsJesus' early ministryTeenagers follow (6 parts)
Fishers, The 3NT EventsJesus' early ministryTeenagers follow (6 parts)
Three Wise MonkeysNT EventsJesus' MiraclesNarrated StoryMatthew9
His Name Is JohnNT EventsJohn the Baptist's birthDramaLuke1
Jonah The MoanerOT EventsJonahEnacted poemJonah
Jonah's Fish LineOT EventsJonah in fishTelephone callJonah2
Dreamer, TheOT EventsJosephEnacted poemGenesis
Fathers and SonsFathers dayJoseph dad to JesusGameshowLuke2
Would Jubilee've ItOT lawsJubilee YearPlaying MonopolyLeviticus25
Twelve Apprentices, TheNT EventsJudas leaves to betrayTVs 'The Apprentice' styleMatthew18
Joe BloggsChristian LifestyleJudging othersMan seeks Joe BloggsJames4
Solicitor Simplifies the GospelOutreachKeep message simpleLegal speak gospel summaryGenesis1
Strangers In TownChristian LifestyleLife as Aliens and StrangersActors1 Peter2
Water supplyFor churchLink to Psalm2 narrators + actorsPsalm42&43
The seven ages of manFor churchLink to Shakespeare2 narrators + actorsPsalm90
New Signing, TheChristian LifestyleLiving new wayFootball boss & new signing1 Peter1
Ballet IdiotChristian LifestyleLiving with non-ChristiansParody of Billy Elliot
Communication 2Prayer & Bible ReadingLord's prayerSame, Different examples
CommunicationPrayer & Bible ReadingLord's prayerOne said, One meantMatthew6
Lost And FoundParableLost coinMum looks for lost purseLuke15
Love Is Christian LifestyleLove2 boys argue, Mum referees1 Corinthians13
Where In The World?OutreachMan's selfishnessCustomer in 'Geeky World'Ephesians2
Herod the HorribleNT eventMassacre of innocents2 narrators + castMatthew2
ChristMaSOutreachMeaning of ChristmasParody of M & S advert
Christmas In Three WordsFor ChurchMeaning of Christmas3 person presentation
Easter EggstravaganzaFor ChurchMeaning of EasterPoem
Euphoric WorshipFor ChurchModern worshipNeed to 'connect' with young
Exodus RapOT EventsMoses & the exodusEnacted poemExodus1
A Basket CaseOT eventMoses in basketEnacted PoemExodus1,2
Strictly Come MotheringFor ChurchMothering SundayLike 'Strictly Come Dancing'
Village PeopleOutreachNeed for missionDoctor with miracle cureMatthew28
Noah The ArkivistOT eventsNoahEnacted poemGenesis5-9
Freedom BoundOT EventsNoah & the floodModern version (space)Genesis6
Non-Conformist, TheChristian LifestyleNot conforming to worldTeenagers gang upRomans12
It's Good To TalkOutreachNot listening to JesusBoy & girl in restaurantJohn3
AngelsOutreachOnly few disciplesRAF angel gets wings
Weakest Link, TheOutreachOppositionChristian gets voted off John15
Water, Water EverywhereOutreachOppositionTongue-tied ChristianJohn12
Isn't My Father Wonderful?OutreachOur debt cancelledGirl's before bank manager
Buy ByeNT EventParable of barns2 actorsLuke12
Can he fix it?ParableParable of tenants2 narrators + actorsMatthew21
Use It Or Lose ItParableParable of the TalentsMatthew25
Parable of the unmerciful banker, theEvangelisticParable of unmerciful servant2 narrators + castMatthew18
Giving is receivingFor churchPaul & Epaphroditus2 actorsPhilippians4
Mob RuleNT eventPaul in ThessalonicaNarrator + actorsActs17
Bringing Up BabyChristian livingPaul to Thessalonians3 actors1 Thessalonians2
They've Got To Have ItParablePearl of great priceTeenagers go shoppingMatthew13
Heavenly BodiesFor ChurchPerfect bodies in Heaven2 middle-aged men1 Corinthians15
Identity CrisisChristian LifestylePersectuted ChurchEgyptian convert to christianity trying to marry
Fine Christian Family, AOutreachPersecutionChristian family arrested
Race, TheChristian LifestylePerseveranceChristian life like raceHebrews12
The Persistent WidowParablePersistent widowIn courtLuke18
Rumble from heavenFor churchPeter & CorneliusEnacted poemActs10
Job SpecFor churchPeter at Job Centre2 actorsMatthew10
Who wants the keys of the kingdomEvangelisticPeter's confessionParody of TV MillionaireMatthew16
Cock And Bull Story, ANT EventsPeter's denialPub setting,Matthew26
Suits YouOutreachPick and mix religionCustomer chhosing new suit
Piers The PloughmanOutreachPiers the ploughmanFarmer finding wayJohn14
Tough DecisionsNT EventsPilate & phariseesMafia pharisees 2Matthew27
Family BusinessNT EventsPlot against JesusMafia pharisees 1
No PicnicLifestyle evangelismPluralist society3 actorsMicah6
Solomon The WiseOT EventsPoem about Solomon's LifePoem + cast1 Kings
True LiesNT EventsPost resurrection plotMafia pharisees 3Matthew27
Prayer Is Like a TelephonePrayer & Bible ReadingPrayerPhoning 'Prayers Direct'Matthew7
Let Go And Let GodPrayer & Bible ReadingPraying but not hearingDad prays for jobColossians4
Kwik PizzaHard QuestionsPredestination2 choose pizza
The VisitationOT Prophesy of JesusSchoolteachers & inspectionMal2,3
Laura's LawHard QuestionsPurpose of lawKeep fit fanatic & friendRomans8
Kill or CureEvangelisticReaction to Jesus' miracles3 actorsMark1
News from Paul to the PhilippiansFor churchReaction to Paul's letterNarrator + castPhilippians1
Day To Remember, AChristian LifestyleRelationship with the LawActorsGalatians3
Spoilt For ChoiceOutreachReligion v faithChoosing coffee in café
Knock Knock 2OutreachResponding to JesusJesus knocks on house doorRevelation3
Knock KnockOutreachResponding to JesusJesus knocks on house doorRevelation3
Who Is To Blame?OutreachResponsible for own sinPhoning Claims Direct1 Peter2
Plumb-line test, theFor churchRetelling of Amos 73 actorsAmos7
One Man And His DogParableRetelling of the Sheep and the Goats3 actorsMatthew25
Who Wants To Inherit the Kingdom?ParableRich Young RulerParody of TVs 'Millionaire'Matthew19
What A RiotNT EventsRiot in Ephesus2 narrators + crowdActs19
Samson The HandsomeOT EventsSamsonEnacted poemJudges
Getting It StraightNT EventsSaul becomes PaulNarrator + castActs9
Great Marvello, TheOutreachSecond comingCircus poster
Diving For PearlsParableSeeking pearlNarrators + chorusMatthew13
I'm Not BovveredOutreachSelfishnessTeenager not bovvered
Story Of Nehemiah 4, TheOT EventsSeries about NehemiahNarrators + castNehemiah8
Story Of Nehemiah 3, TheOT EventsSeries about NehemiahNarrators + castNehemiah4
Story Of Nehemiah 1, TheOT EventsSeries about NehemiahNarrators + castNehemiah1
Story Of Nehemiah 2, TheOT EventsSeries about NehemiahNarrators + castNehemiah2
Ewe'd Better Believe ItNT EventsShepherds see angelsReader + 2 commentingLuke2
IsaversOutreachSinOptician & patient
Browns, TheOutreachStewardshipTeenegers left ic house
Good King JosiahOT EventsStory of JosiahEnacted Poem2 Kings22
Rahab The Scarlet WomanOT EventsStory of RahabJoshua
Short ChangeEvangelisticStory of ZacchaeusNarrator + castLuke19
Good Doctor, TheOutreachSubstitutionDoctor takes patients' illness
Robbing GodFor ChurchTaking from collection5 actors + vicarMalachi3
Litmus TestFor churchTesting wine in restaurant3 actors1 John4
I'm Sorry I Haven't A CluedoNT EventsThe resurrection2 detectives study evidence
Jobs VacantParableThe Workers are fewNarrator + castMatthew9
BogatHard QuestionsTrinityPoem
Unique Claim, TheHard QuestionsTrinity3 in church
No StringsOutreachTrue freedom in JesusThunderbirds puppetsJohn8
Easter With M & SOutreachTrue meaning of EasterParody of M & S advertppt
Accompanying Presentation
True Worship 2For ChurchTrue worship2 narr + castIsaiah58
Save It For SundayFor ChurchTrue worshipFamily prepare for church2 Timothy3
True WorshipFor ChurchTrue worship2 narrators + chorusIsaiah58
Unfaithfully YoursUnfaithfulnessUnfaithfulness to GodHusband & wifeMalachi2
Unfaithfully Yours(2)UnfaithfulnessUnfaithfulness to GodHusband & wifeMalachi2
A faithful friendUnfaithfulnessUnfaithfulness to GodHusband & best friendMalachi2
Dragon's DenturesParableUnforgiving millionaire2 narr + castMatthew18
To Boldly GoFor ChurchUnityStar Trek control desk1 Corinthians12
Baby TalkNT EventsVirgin birthMary tells dad is pregnantGospels
Nocturnal InstinctsChristian LifestyleWalking in the LightActors1 Thessalonians5
New Wine Company, TheMiracleWater into wineWine experts taste wineJohn2
West and the Rest, theFor churchWestern church lukewarm2 actorsRomans5
Excess BaggageOutreachWhat weighs us downEncounter at airportHebrews12
Location, Location, LocationParableWise & foolish buildersParody of TV programmeMatthew7
Be PreparedParableWise and foolish girls4 actorsMatthew25
Ask The FamilyOutreachWitness to family by lifeNarrators + cast
An Outpouring From The HeartNT eventsWoman who anoints Jesus' feetNarrators + castLuke7


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